Company Profile: (a few words for us):
 We are a small company, but we are currently trying to develop ideas for Windows Phones (Plarform WP 7, WP 7.8 and WP8) that doesn't exist in other platforms.

We first develop the "My3DPhotos" application for capturing your own 3D Photos with your phone and until its first release (August 2008),  there wasn't such application for the iPhone or Android, despite the fact that there were 500.000 apps already!).
We have also developed the unique cloud-integrated media player "myVideos 3D+", especially for Windows Phones.
At last, we have also develop a new Augmentive Reality application, named "4D Discovery", which adds a 4th dimension to the world around your phone: The time...
As far as we know, there weren't similar apps in none of the 3 major mobile platforms (WP, Android, iPhone)