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Bingle goggles published to all Markets! Get it now...

αναρτήθηκε στις 21 Οκτ 2011, 3:15 π.μ. από το χρήστη MIL Applications   [ ενημερώθηκε 21 Οκτ 2011, 3:16 π.μ. ]
The version 3.1 of the Bingle goggles for Windows Phone 7 is finally published for all markets today.
The Bingle goggles combines the power of Bing, Google, Yahoo & Facebook services into one app!

The following poweful services: Bing Translation, Bing Language detection, Google OCR, Google Docs managing, Google Translation, Bing Search, Google Search, Yahoo Search, Bing Text-To-Speech and Facebook notes and posts services are integrated to work together into one application.

We hope and we imagine that the application will be a further step of the original famous Google goggles application!




Check out a video preview of Bingle goggles in action (on Youtube).

You may download it from the Windows Marketplace for Windows Phones 7 from your phone or from Zune!
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