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myPlayer 3D+ v.4.0 for Windows 8.1/RT released on Windows Store

αναρτήθηκε στις 16 Μαΐ 2014, 2:32 π.μ. από το χρήστη MIL Applications   [ ενημερώθηκε 16 Μαΐ 2014, 2:35 π.μ. ]
The version 4.0 of the "myPlayer 3D+ FREE" and "myPlayer 3D+" applications were finally published for all markets at the Windows Store at 16 June of 2014.

Both versions bring a new visual experience to the user:

- Play / PlayTo  or  Video Edit  all your media files in your PC!

- Watch every video using one of 14 different Visual Effects during playback (2D to 3D is supported on-the-fly. Watch with anaglyph glasses).

- You are able to convert, crop or stylize a video and produce a fancy one to share with your friends

- Access all your media wherever they are (Local PC, Removable Storage, Cloud (OneDrive)  on Youtube or using direct Web Links 

- Download every media file you want from the above locations to your PC (Youtube, OneDrive, etc), or upload from your PC to OneDrive!

You may download from the Windows Store!
The app. "myPlayer 3D+ FREE" is the free edition (it displays some ads)!

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