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myVideos 3D+ new version released !

αναρτήθηκε στις 7 Οκτ 2013, 2:40 π.μ. από το χρήστη MIL Applications
The version 3.5 of the "myVideos 3D+ FREE" and "myVideos 3D+" applications were finally published for all markets at the Windows Phone Marketplace at 6 October of 2013.

The updated version brings new features to our succesfull apps:

(version 3.5 brings):

- Dropbox added!

- Support for large size videos download/upload in Dropbox (e.g. 600MB)

- An easy way to transfer the videos from app to PC or transfer & play videos recorded with the Camera Application (read help)

- Large Tiles added

- New Help/Manual

You may download from the Windows Phone Store!
The app. "myVideos 3D+ FREE" is the free edition (it displays some ads)!

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