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SeeThrough UI Shell released (+ comments 2 comments)

αναρτήθηκε στις 18 Απρ 2011, 2:06 π.μ. από το χρήστη MIL Applications   [ ενημερώθηκε 8 Ιουλ 2011, 7:12 π.μ. ]
The SeeThrough UI Shell application have been released. You can download it from the Windows Marketplace for Mobile phones!
Comment - to - Comment (explaining some customers comments):
For some complains we get that the SeeThrough UI Shell hangs or eats a lot of battery, we must mention 2 things:
1) The application auto-restarts itselft when the user choose to change the skin for the phone. This is the normal behavior and not a bug! The application stops for 2-3 seconds, clears the memory used and restarts (navigating the user to the menu skin changer). This happens only when you want to change the skin and it is an automatic procedure. The skin changes immediately with the menu and without having to reset the phone! On a single-skin everyday usage the application doesn't hangs at all. This is tested in 4 Windows Mobile phones with complicated stressed tools (from Microsoft team).
2) If you choose the See-through skin with the camera enabled, then the consumption rate of the battery is growning (compared to the other skins). This is very normal, because the skin uses extra recourses (the camera) all the time. That's why the application has a user-defined option on SETTINGS where you can choose not to autoenable the camera if you want (so to save battery if this is important) and enable it immediately only when you want (with a single tap on the camera button on the right side of the skin). If the battery is not a problem (e.g. for users that loads the battery everyday) then we suggest to choose the autoenable camera setting.