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YouTube smartBar+ for Windows Phones 8.1 released on Windows Phone Store!

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The version 4.0 of the famous "YouTube smartBar+" was finally published for Windows Phones for all markets at the Windows Phone Store at 10 July of 2014. This is the Windows Phone version of our successful app. version for Windows 8/8.1/RT PC's and tablets (4.4/5.0 total ratings!!!).
It is available only for phones that run the new powerful Windows edition (Windows Phone 8.1 needed). It is also our first UNIVERSAL APP meaning that the same app. can be used to every different handset you may have (PC's, Tablets, Phones).
Browse and enjoy videos on YouTube in the official way they are provided (webpage). Use the "smartBar+" and extend the experience!!
smartBar+ is a set of powerful metro-style toolbars that work together with YouTube.
They are located on the top of the page and they act like Internet Explorer’s add-ons.

Unlike other YouTube apps that are complex and you must learn how to make use of them, this app. is fairly simple: Select a YouTube video while browsing, and the smartBar+ will auto load options for it. Tap on every option you want (for example: start a background download of the video in a specific quality), and continue to other videos immediately.

Save the Audio/Music  -  automatically download the audio part of the video to your phone - (MP3 format used)
Video download  -  for each video, smartBar+ provides you with a list of the available Video Quality encodings for it (e.g. SD: 360P, 480P or HD 720P, 1080P, etc.). Download to your phone to every folder you like!
Create FilmStrip  NEW!: automatic extraction of multiple frames from the video (PhotoStory). After a few seconds, without having to download anything in your phone, the PhotoStory is ready! (The frames are saved to your Saved Pictures section of your phone in a separate folder!).
Play with extras  NEW!: use of app's internal player (more features from the YouTube one): Rotate the video (6 modes), Adjust brightness, contrast or saturation, Take snapshots, etc.

You may download from the Windows Phone Store!
The app. "YouTube smartBar+" comes in two editions: A free and a paid one (PRO version). The FREE version is unlimited and full-featured (some ads may appear sometimes and that's all). If you don't like the ads at all, buy the PRO version at a very low price (no ads 4ever !!).

get YouTube smartBar+ PRO  from the Windows Phone Store (paid version)!

YouTube smartBar+ on Windows Store

get YouTube smartBar+ from the Windows Phone Store (free version)!

YouTube smartBar+ on Windows Store

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