The 4D Discovery application for Windows Phone is a 4D Augmented Reality Browser that brings for the first time together geolocation Web data in a unique A.R. way. It’s an effort to bring to you a really innovative, exciting A.R. app. If you just like your Windows Phone, with 4D Discovery you will love it!


What can you do:
You are able to discover everything public geotagged around you (places, photos, videos, events) 
in an A.R. new style.

Generally, the 3D real world around you is projected in A.R. on the user’s screen but 4D Discovery
adds a new experience, a 4th dimension to it: the Time...
"now", "then", and "in a while"... Apart from searching what places are around, you may discover how the place you are now was look like in the past
by browsing old photos shooted here or things that took place someday by exploring videos recorded here.
You may also discover events that will take place here in the future.
Features: The application has 2 distinct modes:
either you search for something specific around you (it supports an innovative advanced search!),
or you just tap on the Live Walk option, select the proximity you want and everything near will be showed up.
Results Views: It supports 3 different views for viewing your search results:
Map, List or 4D Camera. When available, a timeline list is added in the results, so you are able to view the results by the time they created (4D).
Web Services: We use together different data sources from the World’s most famous Web 2.0 services:
Flickr (for photos&videos),
the Google Places (for Places & Route directions), and
the (for events).
Future versions will include some of the Web 3.0 L.O.D. geocatalogs:Wikipedia,Open Street Map data,Youtube.
Notice: 4D Discovery is provided to you free and it will remain free (ads only on 1st form).
If you like it, please give us a good rating or write a review.
If you have problems, contact us by support.
If you want extra features or services, please tell us. As far as we know there isn’t such application exist for any smartphone platform (iPhone, Android , Windows) so we are very proud!