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4D Discovery - Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy:
This application uses your current location position (a pair of your actual latitude, longitude as provided by your phone to the app).
We use this information only to query and retrieve geo-location results from the Web Services API’s that we use (described below).We do not collect, use, store or cache any personal information from you, e.g. gender, name, device type, etc. 
Remember that you may disable Location Services at any time either entirely on your phone (this may affect also other applications), or directly to the application (from the Settings Form).

Web Services used:
For Places/Directions searches: We use the Google API
For finding forthcoming Events: Last.Fm Web Service API
For finding geo-located photos and videos near you: The Flickr Web Service API.
For finding geo-located info for the place you are: The Service API.
Your privacy is important to us. If you have any questions, email us through support