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The Bingle goggles combines the power of Bing, Google, Yahoo & Facebook services into one app!
The following poweful services: Bing Translation, Bing Language detection, Google OCR, Google Docs managing, Google Translation, Bing Search, Google Search, Yahoo Search, Bing Text-To-Speech and Facebook notes and posts services are integrated to work together into one application.

You start with a photo that you take with your phones camera and the Bingle goggles recognizes the text in it using the Google OCR service (OCR=Optical Character Recognition).

After that, the language is auto-detected using the Bing Language Detection service and the text is auto-analyzed: All emails, Internet addresses and phone numbers that the text contains are separated for their different usage. The text is auto translated in your primary language (36 languages supported) with two different methods:

Microsoft’s translation and Google translation so you have immediately two translations to view.

Also, using the Bing Text-To-Speech you are able to hear the text in a specific language (19 languages supported). You are able to search all the text or specific types of it using

Google Search, Bing Search or Yahoo Search.

Based on the type of the text you may call or send an SMS to a phone number (if there is any),

save it to your contacts, send email (if it is an email address) or save it,

visit a webpage (if it is a URL),

send all the analysis text with all the translations with email,

send all with an SMS,

upload to your GDocs all the analysis as a single Document,

upload or your Facebook account all the analysis as a as a private note (for future use) or

as wall post.

You may also start the analysis directly from a photo from the Pictures Hub (PhotoExtra!).

The above analysis can be done without a photo, by directly type (or paste) your own text (35 languages supported).


We must mention:

1) You need a Google account for use the photo-OCR!

2) The Google OCR service can auto-recognize the text from 5 different languages (English,Spanish,German,Italian,French) and only printed text (not all fonts). The OCR accuracy is good and we are working on to improve it.

The trial version has functionality for 7 days.After, you must buy the paid version.