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i. Overview

 Did you ever imagine of capturing your own 3D photos with your Windows Mobile Phone? Increase your origins of thought with the My3DPhotos Application.
With only 3 finger taps on your mobile phone, you can easily capture your own 3D photos, everywhere you are, on-the-go, and share them immediately with your friends on Facebook or Flickr.

Even if you don’t have the anaglyph glasses with you, the application creates also an animated gif photo that contains the two parts of your 3D photo (Wiggle stereoscopy), so you can easily “preview” the stereoscopic images without glasses.

After the capturing and the creation of the 3D and the animated 2D photo, you can easily edit each photo in your library (perhaps change the photo’s dimension or do a rotation left or right – useful when you capture from your mobile camera in a landscape mode), and if you have at least one email account enabled in your mobile phone, you can easily upload them to your Facebook or your Flickr account.
The only limitation is the maximum dimension for you 3D photo that will be produced. The maximum output 3D resolution that the application can support is 1024 X 768 pixels.
The reason for this is the memory limitation of the mobile phone. Remember that all the image processing is taking place in your mobile phone (32 Mbyte RAM) and not on your Desktop PC (usually the RAM is between 1 Gbyte to 4 Byte). The application supports two different 3D processes methods for creating the anaglyph photo: The color anaglyph method and the half color anaglyph (you may check the manual for details on which to choose). Also, different types of 3D anaglyph glasses are supported (red-cyan, cyan-red, red-green, etc. ) in order to provide for each eye the correct color scheme.