i. Overview

It ’s simply an innovative user interface application.
As far as we know, there isn’t similar app. in any other platform for Smartphone’s.
Now, the User Interface in your phone becomes See-Through, so you can look «through» your phone while navigating to your apps or phone settings. The SeeThrough UI Shell supports 3 different skins: The SeeThrough skin (check pictures at the Screenshots section), the Aquarium theme -with many fishes and bubbles jumping around - and the Bliss skin (static). Each of the 3 skins has a pre-defined form (with clock, taskbar, etc) and two user-customizable forms, where the user can add shortcuts to apps, settings or some built-in widgets (e.g. Toggling Wi-Fi or BT, etc).
A quick sound profile changer is supported. Mention here, that the SeeThrough UI Shell doesn’t change anything in your current phone settings, applications or themes. You may use it as a single app or as Desktop.
After installation, you must test and align the camera settings for the SeeThrough skin
(1: Mode: every WinMo supports either RGB or YUV and 2: Orientation).
Also, you have to activate the app within 15 days of installation. Current version is 2.0.
Video tour on our channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/milapplications