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i. Overview

 Every year, over 4 million of tourists are travelling to Greece. If you are one of the lucky tourists, you will find the “Travel to Greece” application the most useful, exciting and valuable application. It is not a simple limited travelling guide. You will have a full near-to-me- attractions service application and a full historical guide in your phone.
You will be provided with the complete catalogs of every attraction or point of interest you may want:
1) all the blue-flag beaches and marinas that exists in Greece (427)
2) The 21 most famous Greek Monuments, along with their historical details.
3) A complete official catalog of all the museums (220)
4) A complete official catalog of all the archeological sites - 310 in total- and
5) all the Ski Centers that exist in Greece (23).
Every attraction has a full detailed historical or travelling description along with its GPS position. But, the most exciting part comes here! Activate the GPS service in your mobile phone for a few seconds. Then, you will be able to find all the attractions that are close to you in real-time (beaches, museums, arch. sites, etc), then read their historical/travelling description and, if you decide, you are able to add them to your schedule.
The application provides you with a built-in schedule organizer. Along with these, we provide you with an English-to-Greek phrasebook, a full catalog of all the foreign embassies, a full catalog of the hospitals and the medical centers (the small Greek islands are included) and all the useful travelling information (e.g. power voltage, climate etc). Don’t bother to search the Web. It took us months to find the GPS position of each attraction. No Internet needed, no cost-charges needed.
For those of you who are not planning to visit Greece in the near future but you love the ancient Greek history, you will find all the historical information of every archeological site or museum. Keep it in your phone, explore them and built your own favorite list.