Turn yourself and your friends into pop art instantly!
With Warholizing Pop Art you can turn every picture in your phone into an Andy Warhol painting.
Create a poster of your choise with your own photos in the style of Andy Warhol's famous paintings of Marilyn Monroe: Just choose a photo, select a poster type and add one of his famous quotes to the image too.
The application works in two modes:
1. A step-by-step mode where you can choose among 10 different types of posters, select the colors and the faces you prefer for each frame and add one of Warhol’s famous quotes (or your own quote)!
2. A fast mode, where you use a live video from the camera for fast creating a poster of your friends. Ideally if you are out and you want a fast poster with all your friends.
Every poster you create is unique. Play with the colors and the faces and try different combinations! You can save your posters either in the Pictures Hub for further sharing or upload it immediately in your Facebook account from within the application.
Hey, do you have a colour printer?
(The trial version of the application lets you create every poster you want but it doesn’t allow you to save)