The myPlayer 3D+ application for Windows PC's, Laptops or Tablets is an innovative cloud-enabled media player and video editing app that extends the visual feeling in your Windows Device. A media player as it should be to every platform and device!
It's the portion of our advanced 3D media player application for Win. Phones with the codename: "myVideos 3D+" (until now, over 1.000.000 Windows Phone Users have used it! The app. is featured in 25 countries!)

 The application comes in two editiions: A free one (myPlayer 3D+ Free) and a paid one (myPlayer 3D+). The difference of the two is that the free version displays some ads.
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myPlayer 3D+
is an innovative cloud-enabled Media Player and Video Editing app that extends the visual feeling in your Windows PC.
You can Play , PlayTo or Edit videos and music files that are stored either on your PC, on nearby PC’s, on Removable Storage (USB flash disks, Windows Phone),
on your OneDrive account, from Youtube (using a special toolbar) or from Web links.
Special Effects can be added during the playback, making your videos really exciting (e.g. 2D to 3D, Cartoon, etc.)!
You can create playlists from your favorite’s media combining videos and music from your collections together.
You are also able to download the videos
directly to your PC from your OneDrive, from Youtube (using a special toolbar) or from Web links,
or upload local videos to your OneDrive.


You can play every video in your phone in 14 different modes: - 2D: the classic mode (see screenshot 3) - 3D: watch your 2D recorded video in 3D (watch with anaglyph glasses – 6 types of glasses supported - see screenshot 4)
- Cartoon mode: Your video becomes a cartoon series!
- Old movie: Your video is viewed as it is recorded many years ago
- Vintage: a wonderful effect. Colors have a nostalgia feeling

- Sketch: the video looks like you heive sketch it with a pencil

- Blue: view your video painted with a blue color - Red: view your video in red - Green: view your video in green
- Grayscale: your video in grayscale

- Blur: the video is blurred

- Vintage Bars: a special design effect that combines other effects in one - Warhol: the video appears as a Warhol-style picture - Pixelate: the video is pixelated

 For each video and for every mode the player provides the following features: - adjust the volume, - adjust full screen or normal mode - adjust the contrast, the brightness and the saturation of the video!
- subtitles supported (.vtt and .srt formats)
- Rotate/Flip the video (very useful for videos that are recorded/uploaded to Youtube with wrong format). 6 different cases are supported. - Take a snapshot and automatically save it to your app's output folder - switch between the modes during play without stop
- autoreplay option for the media file
- toolbar for playlists
- toolbar for switching between Play or PlayTo modes

The Video Editing feature allows you to Edit, Convert or Stylize a video. A preview window will guide you when choosing effects, brightness, etc.
When you edit a video you have the following options:
- Add one of the 14 Real Time Video Effects and stylize the new video (3D, Cartoon, Vintage, Warhol, Old Movie, etc). When the 3D mode is used,
in order to watch the output video correctly, you must wear your 3D anaglyph glasses
- Adjust the Brightness, the Contrast or the Saturation of the new video
- Trim the video using sliders
- Convert a video from one media format to one of the following: MP4 (.mp4), WMV (.wmv) or AVI (.avi).
- Use different media profiles and resolutions for the new video
- Enable/Disable hardware acceleration during the conversion
ou can play every video in your phone in 14 different modes:

The PlayTo option allows you to send the playable part of your media file (video or music) for playback to other devices.
myPlayer 3D+ supports the current Windows Standards that the end-devices must have in order to send them media with this feature:
The other device must be DLNA compatible and on the same Network with your PC.
When you sent a media file to other DLNA you are able to control the playback from both PC and device.
You can also switch to other apps and do some other work while the playback continues.

This version supports currently the following media formats:
Video File Types: .3gp, .wmv, .mp4, .avi, .3g2, .m4v, .mov, .mpg, .mpeg, .m2v, .ts
Audio File Types: .m4a, .aac, .mp3, .wma, .wav

We are working to expand the list in app's future updates and include new media formats.

As far as we know there isn’t such application exist for any platform, desktop, tablet or smartphone
(Windows Desktop apps, Windows Store apps, Windows Phone apps, iPhone, iPad, Android) so we are very proud!