The myVideos 3D+ application for Android Tablets and Phones  is a powerful innovative Cloud-ready Media Player! 
Famous in WP (1 Million happy users, 4.3/5.0 rate),now for Android

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 Category: Media + Videos  Category: Media + Videos


Play your HD videos with realtime 3D media effects. 
3D videos require 3D anaglyph glasses to watch.
All media effects are produced on the fly, during playback without any pre-conversion.

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        Cloud Play
You can play every video or audio located either in your Android Phone/Tablet or in your cloud storage space. 
The 3 major cloud platforms are supported for streaming: Google Drive, DropBox, and OneDrive.
   Video Effects (3D+)
Special Effects can be added during the playback, making your videos really exciting! The most advanced is to watch the normal (2D) video in 3D mode (with anaglyph glasses). Totally, 12 unique effects are supported!
You can play every video in 12 different modes: 

- 2D: classic mode,
- 3D: watch your 2D recorded video in 3D (watch with anaglyph glasses – 6 types of glasses supported)
- Cartoon mode: watch yourself in a cartoon mode!
- Old movie: Your video is viewed as it is recorded many years ago
- Grayscale: view your video painted in gray tones
- Billboard: view your video with a billboard mask 
- Vintage: your video is viewed as vintage
- Vintage Bars: a unique effect that adds a new visual feeling in your video.
- Blur: the video is blurred.
- Pixelate: pixelate on the video
- Warhol: the video becomes a Warhol-style paint
- Sketch: the video is viewed as it is sketched on a paper! 
For Android devices running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean (API level 16) or higher:

You may download from the Google Play Store!
Category: Media + Videos

As far as we know there isn’t such application exist for the Android or iOS platform, desktop, tablet or smartphone so we are very proud!