Privacy Policy (myVideos 3D+)


Mobility in Life Applications respects the privacy of your personal information and the content that you create in our apps. This privacy policy is in effect since April 22, 2014. It summarizes what information we might collect and what we will and will not do with it. We reserve the right to change this policy as we deem necessary. The current policy is always available at and you may email us questions at

myPlayer 3D+ App

The media content that you access or create on your PC, on your cloud accounts or you access from Web Pages (e.g. videos, music, songs, saved snapshots etc.) is never collected nor is any personal information.


You may opt-in to enable myPlayer 3D+ to upload to and download from your OneDrive account. When enabled, myPlayer 3D+ receives a special code from the LiveConnect service and stores it in the device's settings. Your password is never visible to the app and never stored on your device or inside myPlayer 3D+. myPlayer 3D+ does not collect or store your personal information. The Content that you create is stored inside myPlayer 3D+ and is only uploaded to OneDrive at your request. When uploaded, it is stored in your OneDrive account and is not stored on any Mobility in Life Applications server and not shared with any third party. myPlayer 3D+ requires the permission to use the "Internet Client" capability in Windows 8 in order to provide access to your OneDrive account.